Moonlight and Molly

Moonlight and Molly® is an award winning Children's series.

Currently the approximate age group is: 5 - 13, depending upon individual reading ability.

Moonlight and Molly®


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Moonlight and Molly® is a registered trademark of Maureen H Harris, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2006-Forever

Moonlight and Molly®

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Moonlight and Molly® is an award-winning children’s series created by Author/Illustrator Maureen H Harris.

Synopsis: A young girl befriends a wild horse in the woods and later learns that the horse is actually a magical Unicorn. The two then team up to become unlikely heroes.

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is more important

than knowledge.”
~ Albert Einstein

it all started with A mustang named Moonlight

Ever since childhood I have been fascinated with expression through various methods of creative arts.

From my early days of working on the school newspaper, to hanging out at my step-dad's local radio station; to working on the TV show Petrocelli, to writing and producing a 10 year, 16 page monthly newsletter for racing legend Jeff Gordon ~ my canvas is painted through creative arts.

I have always been a dreamer and loved playing outdoors with my toy horses, taking us through the Land of Imagination.  Being the youngest of 6 kids, I never wanted to grow up.  I spent a lot of time by myself as a child and my Land of Imagination was my go to place. There was so much magic there.  You could walk with Unicorns and fairies flew around you. I was amazed at the wonderful things I could create and see in that land.

I have always loved horses and the vision of Moonlight and Molly® was inspired shortly after I adopted a wild Mustang and named her Moonlight. She became my best friend, we connected at a spiritual level and I knew she came to me from the Land of Imagination.

My mom was an artist and always encouraged me to chase my dreams.  My dream is to inspire kids of all ages to never forget their childlike spirit.

Imagine, Dream, Believe

Maureen Harris, Author/Illustrator